What does my order status mean?

You may have noticed your order status has changed. Please see the following explanations for the various order statuses you may find your order in:

Awaiting Customer

This means we've reached out to you via email and need additional information regarding your order. It could be an inventory shortage, or address issue, or billing matter.

Awaiting Payment

This indicates the status of an order placed with Interac eTransfer hasn't yet been paid. Orders will only stay in this status for three days until they are automatically cancelled.

Awaiting Shipment

Your order is awaiting hand off to or is already in the hands of the courier and will soon be marked as shipped. At this stage, it's too late for us to edit or cancel orders.


Your order has shipped and tracking has been or will be emailed shortly.


Your order was cancelled either due to Interac eTransfer non-payment or because we've attempted to reach you and were unable to resolve the issue.

If you find your order in a status without explanation, please check your spam folder for any contact from us. You can also contact us; we're always happy to look into your order for you!

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